A beta platform for original series about independent arts and artists


Open to artists who identify as queer, trans, and cis-women and persons of color


Open to diverse communities left out of mainstream film and television production


Open to diverse forms of art, from dance and poetry to stand-up and drag


Open to diverse forms of storytelling from comedy to music video, drama to reality television


Open to diverse strategies for showcasing art and television


Open to promoting work already released online or offline




Open TV is a platform for indie arts and artists. We incubate art and artists commercial television studios and networks cannot develop consistently. We believe television is an art but must also showcase different types of art outside of the competition format we see on reality TV. We believe television must be open to diverse identities and their experiences, so we are committed to developing work from artists most often left out of commercial production: queer, trans, and cis-women and people of color. All Open TV artists keep their intellectual property and distribution agreements are non-exclusive.


Open TV is in beta. We are developing new works, but we’re also in development. Open TV will grow slowly: artist-by-artist and series-by-series. We are not focused on “scale” and “big data” but rather on showcasing artists who have earned a few minutes of your time.





Open TV is a research project started by Aymar Jean Christian, an assistant professor of communication at Northwestern University, which supplied start-up funding. In this research we seek to develop best practices for independent and community-based arts institutions in the digital age. As a research project, communication and data from the site – http://weareopen.tv – may be collected for publication in academic journals and books. All identifiable information from users of this site will be kept private. Findings and publications will be made available to the public via our website.